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Aquí tienes tu web sobre las cosas que le interesan a ti y a tu bebé. Somos salus, enfermeras especializadas en el cuidado de los bebés. Ponemos nuestros conocimientos y experiencia a tu servicio
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En este blog de bebés vamos a hablarte de las cosas de los bebés que más te interesan. Un mundo de seres diminutos con una presencia enorme que colman nuestras vidas con un amor difícil de expresar con palabras.

Como ya te hemos ido contando, este blog lo escribimos enfermeras salus en madrid. En esta bitácora vamos a esbozar nuestros conocimientos, información útil, curiosa, interesante… sobre el mundo de los bebés.

Queremos aportar con este blog una mirada distinta a los bebés. Nuestra condición de cuidadoras profesionales de bebés puede ofrecerte una información más técnica y científica de la crianza de bebés compatible con los conocimientos tradicionales y tu sentido común como madre o padre.

Ante todo queremos puntualizar que si bien ofrecemos una visión técnica, en este blog se ha hecho con mucho amor y lo que prima es este sentimiento por encima de cualquier otro. Además no sólo vamos a tratar temas «serios» sino que vamos a tratar todo tipo de temáticas relacionadas directa o indirectamente con el bebé, ya sean de contenidos «útiles» así como cualesquiera otros que nos sirvan para acercarnos a los más pequeños.

Esperamos poder servirte de ayuda con nuestro blog y encuentres en este pequeño rincón un lugar que frecuentar y visitar con la misma alegría con que lo trabajamos nosotras.

04 Jul Why Should You Return Available To You

Just about everyone has suffered heartbreak. Obtaining past it can feel intimidating, but it is important places to meet gay guys near me moving forward. Exactly what takes place when your heart features broken one too many occasions? When you simply want to give in and choose to enjoy life yourself, unencumbered by connections that just create frustration? Many of us think means at some point in the online dating lives. Perchance you've had a string of bad very first dates, and it's really sufficient to get you to wish...

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04 Jul Is Sexting a Bad Idea?

If you're in senior school or under 18, sexting is a horrible idea. The guys you're delivering your own sexual texts and images to are not adult sufficient to be trusted maintain this type of sensitive details to by themselves. They'll save your self the emails forever so they are able read all of them regularly. Therefore, in the event they don't discuss these with people they know (and most ones will), the messages can be uncovered by their own parents or educators, which will then share these with your parents. Any...

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04 Jul Between: A Special Area for Couples growing Closer

The 411: Introducing the first-ever application geared particularly toward couples: Between. In a global with many interaction and data-sharing websites, Value Creators & Company has constructed a private discussion board for partners to communicate, commemorate and cultivate long lasting relationships. Started last year by a group of guys from Seoul National college, appreciate Creators & business's purpose centers around exactly that — "adding importance to your customers," in accordance with the group at VCNC. Before the startup's release, President Jaeuk Park noticed people were "growing wary of the available social networking area." That's, "we-all speak...

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03 Jul What Direction To Go If…

Even if you fancy yourself smoother than the lovechild of Casanova and Don Juan, you are certain to run into some circumstances that make you feel missing. There is no way of preventing every unpleasant or confusing scenario you could find yourself in, but with somewhat rehearse you can learn which will make the relationship life since trouble-free possible. Ever thought about what to do if...

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